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Welcome to the Cemetery Portal of Estonia!


The Cemetery Portal includes cemetery data and home pages of all the cemeteries that have joined with cemetery management information system Haudi. In this portal you can find e-services and data that each cemetery has chosen to make available to you. You can search for information about the deceased that you are interested in from every cemetery. Many cemeteries also have a cemetery map; there you can find the burial place that interests you. You can fill out an application for a chosen cemetery if you have the right to become the user of some burial place. In addition to this, information about burials that will take place in the near future will also be published in the portal.

People who are registered as users of a burial place can use various e-services when they log into the cemetery where they are the Burial Place User by using an ID-card. You can do the following things on your burial place: authorize a burial, add information about the deceased, correct data, change the user of the burial place, give up your burial place, etc.

Homepages of cemeteries are constantly updated with information about cultural and historical monuments and about buried people who are known from history.

We hope that the Cemetery Portal is of great help to all the citizens who consider the past important. With the help of the Cemetery Portal we hope above all to preserve and modernize Estonian cemetery culture.


Enjoy using the Cemetery Portal!


P.S. You can send feedback about the portal to the webmaster email. Thank you!