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Formalization of a burial

 1. The deceased are buried based on a death certificate. Stillborn babies are buried based on a medical death notice. A death notice must be drawn up based on the notice issued by a doctor or forensic medical expert and the personal ID document of the deceased. For this, please contact your local county or local municipality government (NB! The Rakvere City Government does not issue death certificates.) 

2. Contact the cemetery office to register the burial. Bring along an original of the death certificate. 

3. Burial plots for deceased Rakvere residents that do not have burial plots shall be assigned in the Rakvere City Cemetery or St. Paul’s Cemetery. 

4. Funeral services can be organized in the chapel at the City Cemetery. 

5. Services and items for the funeral should be ordered from a funeral parlor.




1. Please respect the memory of the departed and the bereavement of the other visitors – keep quiet, clean up and walk on the pathways! 

2. Keep the burial plot in good order and maintain it continually. 

3. The trash that is created at the cemetery should be placed in the waste containers at the cemetery! Large containers are located near the gates and parking lots; smaller ones are located at the intersections of the pathways. Depositing wastes elsewhere in the cemetery or bring household wastes to the cemetery is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!

 4. Wastes are sorted at the cemeteries. Please deposit biodegradable and non-degradable wastes in separate trash containers. The trash containers are labeled.   

5. Bring pets to the cemetery is prohibited.

6. Animals cannot be buried in the cemetery. 

7. Dismount and push your bicycles when in the cemetery.

 8. Accessories and bushes must be kept strictly inside the boundaries of the burial plot. Bushes must not hinder movement on the pathways.  

9. Unauthorized expansion of burial plots is prohibited. 

10. If you need to enter the territory of the cemetery with a motor vehicle, ask the cemetery keeper for an entry permit.  

11. To have tall vegetation removed, contact the cemetery keeper. The Rakvere City Government and the National Heritage Board shall decide on the necessity of removing trees.

 12. Notify the cemetery keeper of any disturbing circumstances.