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Rakvere town

Welcome to the Rakvere cemeteries!


Hedwig Stahli hauatähis

Rakvere City Cemetery

Established in 1806.
Location: J. Kunderi St. 4b. Cadastral Code 66301:023:0074
Area is 60,555 m2. The cemetery has two chapel buildings.
The cemetery has two water supplies: in the direct vicinity of the main gate, and near the chapel in the middle of the cemetery. Water faucets are opened from May to the end of September. 

 St. Paul's cemetery

First burial took place in 1935
Location: Lilleoru St. 26. Cadastral Code 66301:033:0022
Approximate area is 14,844 m².
Seasonal water supply (tank) is on the north side of the cemetery. The cemetery is supplied with water from May to the end of September.

 The Jewish Cemetery inside St. Paul’s Cemetery

When it was established was unknown, but it already existed in 1880.
Location: Lilleoru St. 24. Cadastral Code 66301:033:0024
Approximate area is 922 m².

 Palermo Cemetery

Location: Lilleoru St. 25. Cadastral Code 66301:033:0023
Approximate area is 12,605 m².
Currently, additional burials no longer take place